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A List Of Successful Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas For 2nd Graders

We all have encountered one or the other hotly debated topics at some point of time. The idea is not to make the discussion furious but to understand the subject in details. After all it is necessary to outline your own position exploring various points while examining both the parts of the arguments.

Following are some of the persuasive essay topics for 2nd graders to consider before they start writing on their favorite one

  1. Is uniforms in schools and colleges is the right way to prevent differentiation?
  2. Does cell phone usage enhance crime rate?
  3. Do all sports participants in schools and colleges should be awarded in some forms to encourage sports?
  4. Should families be restricted with two kids at maximum to restrict population?
  5. Should foreign language course be made compulsory after elementary schools?
  6. Is voting age right in current times? Should it be lowered to fifteen? Discuss its impacts.
  7. Are teachers partial in their classes? How does it create emotional turmoil?
  8. Is it fair to replace school textbooks with computers and laptops? Will it decrease the burden on parents?
  9. Is homework making children physically less fit?
  10. Should junk food be allowed to students once in every week?
  11. Is junk food deteriorating quality of life or is blessing us with various enticing food options?
  12. Is women participation in men’s sports team is fair?
  13. Should teenagers be allowed to gulp birth control pills without their parent’s permission?
  14. Do gays be offered the authority to marry? Should it be recognized by federal government?
  15. Should porn films and videos be banned from the web? Is its availability increasing mental sickness?
  16. Should music and songs with nuisance and annoying words be strictly banned publicly?
  17. Should government offer free Wi-Fi to all its residents?
  18. Is pizza, macaroni and pasta good food options?
  19. Should teachers be compelled to appear and pass the basic security test to upgrade their skills and renew their eligibility certification?
  20. Do small clothes worn by girls are an indication to attract boys?

Pick any of these topics and develop your critical thinking and persuasive skills while emphasizing on your positive points. This way student not only diversifies and broadens their thinking levels but can score extremely good grades validating their opinions. Just ensure that you stand for your topic in the forms of slogans and speeches.

Writing an argumentative essay is not hard but gradual practice will definitely make you win the race.

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