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How to write an argumentative essay in 5 elaborate steps

Understanding the type of essay you are writing is just as important as the topic you choose and the words you actually write. When you write an argumentative essay, you need facts and writing skills to present and justify your case. You are like a lawyer in a courtroom arguing for a client. You have created a thesis statement at the beginning of your argumentative essay and throughout the essay you must show through your writing that your case is proved, that your thesis statement is correct.

Make sure that the topic you choose lends itself to being controversial with for and against arguments clearly defined. Then, in taking the stance that you take, you have data and information at your fingertips which enable you to weave a case arguing your point of view. To facilitate that situation here are five steps you must take to write that winning argumentative essay.

  • the thesis statement is everything
  • the outline must be as detailed as possible
  • introduction must hook the reader
  • knowing the counter arguments is just as important
  • make the conclusion that killer paragraph

The thesis statement is the argument you refer to throughout the essay. If it is a strong thesis statement it is so much easier for you to develop paragraphs which add weight to your point of view. The opposite also applies and does not bear thinking about. Take your time in creating your thesis statement because it is the foundation of your essay and its idea or proposition will be referred to time and again.

It's not so much that you must create an outline before you write your argumentative essay but rather that you create a detailed outline. Every idea, every heading and subheading must be clearly listed. The more detailed your outline the better will be your essay and the easier your task in writing it.

Think long and hard about your introduction. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Think about hooking the reader's attention and exciting them about what is to follow in the rest of your essay.

A really good argumentative essay involves being able to briefly explain the counter arguments to the one you are running and be able to show how the counter arguments do not have any significance. You add further weight to your case by being able to disprove the case against your argument.

By the time the reader gets to the conclusion or the final paragraph in your argumentative essay, they should be ready to believe. You can confirm their belief in your argument by writing a killer conclusion. Do not introduce new material. In a precise and interesting way, sum up the arguments you have mounted before.

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