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Top 23 Currently Important Essay Topics To Consider

There are a lot of problems in our society. If a teacher assigned you to write an essay on some currently important topic, there are plenty of issues to choose from. Unfortunately, some students have difficulties with selecting topics on their own. They need some guidance or inspiration. You may look at the list below and select one of these subjects.

  1. The effects of racial profiling on airline travel.
  2. Crimes caused by the excessive drinking of alcohol.
  3. The ways to deal with bullying at public schools.
  4. The cases of abuse in homes for the elderly.
  5. The effects of exposing violent TV shows to children.
  6. Problems with immigration in the United States.
  7. The ways to reduce teen pregnancy.
  8. The reasons that cause suicides in the military.
  9. Domestic violence in the United States.
  10. The effectiveness of social programs for gang reduction.
  11. The origins of skinheads and their evolvement.
  12. The problems faced by people with different addictions.
  13. Teenagers and the intentional self-injuring without committing suicide.
  14. Causes and effects of the reverse discrimination.
  15. The ways to reduce the stress in the workplace.
  16. Religious beliefs as the reason for discrimination.
  17. Youth prostitution and the methods to deal with it.
  18. The problems of teaching children with various disabilities.
  19. Crimes caused by poverty.
  20. Pornography as the factor that causes the degradation of women.
  21. Corruption among the police officers.
  22. The cases of slavery in the modern world.
  23. The negative effects of the emotional abuse.

You may select one of these topics for your essay and narrow it to make your paper more interesting and meaningful.

If it’s difficult for you to compose an academic paper, you may ask other people for help. These are decent sources:

  • Your teacher.
  • Approach your instructor and tell them that you don’t know where to start from. They’ll consult you on how to organize your work and explain all the steps in detail.

  • Academic centers.
  • These are specialized organizations that help their clients with writing essays and other papers. Take academic writing courses and you’ll be able to deal with any assignment.

  • Tutors.
  • You may hire a teacher who will come to you and give you individual lessons on how to write academic papers. This is a very effective method, but it might be expensive too.

  • Writing services.
  • The last option is to buy a custom paper from a professional company. Make sure that nobody knows about this or you’ll get into trouble.

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