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A List of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics to Write On

An argumentative essay is a popular style of essay that are students are required to write, whether in college or earlier on. An argumentative essay typically requires students to thoroughly analyze a topic, collect and evaluate evidence against that topic, and establish their position on that particular topic.

Although writing a successful argumentative essay can be a bit challenging, if you have the proper topic, with a clear-cut guideline on how you would like to execute your paper, creating a successful argumentative essay will be relatively easy.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics for argumentative essays can range greatly, just make sure you pick a topic that you feel comfortable writing about, in addition to keeping in mind the effort that may come with research. No matter what topic you choose to go with, you will be required to back up your stance with significant evidence and support. Let’s take a look at a few possible topics below:

  • The death penalty-is it effective or no?
  • Global warming-is it caused by man?
  • Should men be allowed paternity leave from work?
  • Curfews-do they really keep teens and kids out of trouble?
  • Should animal testing for research be allowed?
  • Cameras used by law enforcement-invasion of privacy?
  • Does having access to condoms lead to more irresponsible behavior?
  • Are violent video games/shows causes of bad behavior?
  • Should the military be allowed to recruit high school students?
  • Should the legal drinking age be decreased or increased?
  • Should religion be discussed in schools?
  • Same-sex schools-are they better than traditional schools?
  • Should the government be responsible for healthcare?
  • Should teens be required to attend college by parents?
  • College-is it necessary for success?
  • Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry?

Naturally, these are just a few examples to come up with for an interesting argumentative essay. As stated above, be sure to pick something that you are comfortable with and that you don’t mind researching, as this is what will take up most of your time.

Another tip when writing an argumentative essay is to keep in mind what it means to pick a side for your argument. You don’t have to necessarily go for what you believe; if you are being graded on your logic then sometimes you may have to go against your actual beliefs.

Just pace yourself and do your proper research, the essay will come naturally.

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