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Hidden Opportunities Of Using The Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Your Paper

There are generally four kinds of essays:

  1. Persuasion Essays
  2. Argumentative Essays
  3. Informational Essays
  4. Personal Essays

Argumentative essays are the toughest in their tone and most challenging in their conception. It is a popular practice in schools and colleges to assign students with argumentative essays to challenge their intellectual capabilities. Below, you’ll find some topics suggestions.

Essay Topics:

  1. Would you call the elections process in your country just and fair?
  2. Do you think every government is corrupted?
  3. Do you believe in imposing night time curfew on teenagers?
  4. Do you think man is way too dependent on machines?
  5. IS media spoiling our youth?
  6. Global importance of facebook and twitter,
  7. Drug abuse can only be cured through jail time and rehab.
  8. Is cyber bullying for real? Do you think internet has become a dangerous place for your children?
  9. Do you think the growing trend of beauty contests and pageants exploiting our women and objectifying them?
  10. Are public schools limiting creativity as compared to the private schools?
  11. Are private schools better than public schools?
  12. Should female drivers be allowed to drive out on main roads of your city?
  13. Should abortions become legal according to state law?
  14. Do you think doctors are making very little money in comparison to business grads?
  15. Should women be allowed to run for leading political posts?
  16. Should teenage girls be allowed to stay out till late at night?
  17. Should schools provide sex education in early classes?
  18. Do you believe an individual’s intellectual brilliance can be only depicted by his test scores and college performance?

Additional Topics:

  1. Are private hospitals overcharging their patients for mediocre services?
  2. Are private hospitals better than public hospitals?
  3. Should citizens be allowed to drive on their learner’s license?
  4. Are love marriages better than arrange marriages?
  5. Are joint families more connected than nuclear families?
  6. Are children of working mothers more likely to develop depression due to lack of maternal attention?
  7. Should media have the freedom to invade private lives of the celebrities?
  8. Is it okay to spy on your children’s internet activities for the sake of their protection?
  9. Do you think it is humane to use animals as test subjects for cosmetics trials?
  10. Has banning smoking on teens stopped them from consuming cigarettes altogether

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