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Brain Exercise Games

Brain training games seem like an interesting idea. They are based on the idea that the right amount of mental stimulation creates changes in the brain that are positive. There is a great deal of potential for tapping into your brain and attempting to remodel the connections in the nerve cells after experiences. You can enhance mental fitness and prevent the memory decline that may be age related.

Well-Established Benefits of Education

There are many benefits to beginning education at an early age. It is said this brain training may reduce the risk for dementia as human’s age. Building a stronger cognitive capacity for memory reserve may very well help the brain compensate for certain injuries. In recent years, neuroscientists have designed some of the most amazing brain games on the market today.

There is a great deal of debate over the accuracy of brain games actually helping increase brain power because many of these studies and research performed was based on results cultivated from studies of rodent behavior. This brings for the question of whether or not there is a connection between training the brain and aging.

Defining the Results of the Tests

At least fifty different studies have been performed that examine the benefits of human brain training. There have only been a few that have actually revealed if these benefits actually transfer to real life. One of the best studies came from the Journal of American Geriatrics Society. Normal adults who trained their brain activity gained the ability to improve their auditory processing speeds as much as 58 percent. Adults between the ages of 67 to 93 years of age were able to work to improve brain functions by stimulating their auditory system.

The idea is based on a premise that as we age, our efficiency in our brains decreases when it comes to processing information. This is due in part to degenerative changes in the associative cortex of the brain. This can then lead to a declining memory.

What do the Findings Reveal?

The findings tell us that the clear impact that is demonstrated in the untrained and trained brains can improve cognitive abilities after two months of sensory input that is structured. One control group even revealed that something as simple as watching videos on the History Channel may even help.

In relation to brain training programs, a crucial question is whether or not the specific skills that are emphasized in training like auditory perception actually translates to additional cognitive ability. So the question remains as to whether or not the practice of auditory perception will lead to improvements in visual perception. Another question is how long can the effects of the training last.

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