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A List Of Informative Essay Topics That Can Help You Impress Your Teacher

You can impress your teacher with the help of an essay of practically any type. It can be a narrative essay, persuasion research, or a compare and contrast project. However, choosing the type is only a part of success. Another element is a great essay topic that can impress your teacher. Such topics are numerous on the web, but you can try to invent your own one, watching the world around you, keeping in mind social problems and issues, popular social concerns, and so on.

Let’s try to compose some interesting essay topics from scratch and amaze your teacher.

  1. If I were a president, I would allow/forbid capital punishment. (Give your reasons).
  2. Which animal I would like to be for one day.
  3. How would I see if I were colorblind and could see only one color.
  4. The weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life.
  5. My favorite secret place: how I found it and what I did to make it comfortable.
  6. The best country in the world, as I see it.
  7. A thing I would like to invent or launch if I could if I had some money.
  8. A thing people do not know about me.
  9. A thing people interpret completely incorrectly about me.
  10. Traits of character I wish I never had. Bad things these my peculiarities have done to me.
  11. A person I would like to be for one day in my life.
  12. The most unbelievable thing I have ever seen in my life.
  13. What my own planet would be like if I had one.
  14. What my lucky charm is, how I received it and how it has already helped me.
  15. How I would spend a million dollars.
  16. How I see the life in 2070.
  17. My top ten things I cannot live without.
  18. My top ten things I completely cannot stand.
  19. My earliest memory.
  20. A trip I remember.
  21. The most pleasing news I have ever heard.
  22. What I consider the greatest invention of the humanity.
  23. What I would include if I could compose a collection of laws for the humanity.
  24. A holiday that I would like to invent.
  25. The person I would like to name as my hero because of all the good things I have learned from him or from her.

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