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A List Of Essay Topics For 7th Graders: Great Suggestions

As a 7th grade student you are not yet a specialist in writing. It takes a while until you can compose a really good essay, and it takes even more until you can find a decent topic. There are many easy subjects that you can approach, but most of them are not interesting enough for your professor. You have to find a topic that is engaging and informative in the same time. This short list will give you exactly what you need:

  • The dangers of alcohol abuse. Many of your classmates are starting to experiment with different drinks, thinking that this is just something fun. However, they do not realize how dangerous it can be in the future, and how alcohol can affect their health.
  • Vandalism. Teenagers have a very sharp artistic sense. This is why some of them can consider drawing on buildings as something nice, not vandalism. However, this is punishable by law and many cities have very strict regulations against this.
  • Uniforms. Most of the professors agree with the fact that students should wear uniforms. However, teenagers are very attached to their personal style, and not many accept to wear them. What is your opinion in this? What do your classmates think?
  • Bullying. It is very important to understand that teasing someone can have a damaging impact on long term. You can present some possible repercussions in your essay, and make your colleagues more aware of this problem.
  • Using technology from a young age. You have a smart phone, a tablet and a computer and you love them. However, did you ever think that they are keeping you away from your real friends and family? Discuss this issue in your composition.
  • Improving your school. This is something innovative that can be beneficial for all of you. Try to be innovative and to think about some measures that you and your colleagues can take to make your school better. Who knows, maybe a very interesting project will be formed.
  • Children with disabilities. Usually other children refuse to play with them, and they are ignoring them as much as they can. The problem is that these children need psychological support, and they need to be part of a group.
  • Animal abuse. Try to explain to your colleagues why animal abuse should be punished, and how they should treat animals.

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