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Coming Up With Good Process Essay Topics: Helpful Tips For Newbies

A process essay is often the first paper we write in a composition class. The essay will carefully outline and describe the process or steps to perform a given task. This type of essay can help writers learn how to properly organize an essay—putting items into chronological order. This chronological preparation gives you the skills needed to organize later papers. When trying to come up with a good process essay topic you can follow a few easy steps.

  1. Read Directions
  2. Fully understanding the prompt you are given for your assignment will prepare you to select a topic of interest. You know that you are writing a process paper, but what other details did your instructor include in the directions? Having a full understanding of the prompt will help you select a topic that meets all the needs of the prompt and rubric.

  3. Research Options
  4. Now that you have the details on the assignment, you will be ready to begin researching options. When you are exploring topic it is important to do research some research on each one. You want to be able to provide some research-based information—and checking to make sure there is available research on your given topic can make your job much easier.

  5. Consider
  6. Lastly, after you are clear on the instructions of your paper and you have developed a short list of topic options, you will be read to make a final decision on your topic. Consider which of your topics is most interesting. You want to go with a topic that is interesting enough to hold the attentions’ of your readers, and to also impress your instructor.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Baking a Bundt Cake: Describe the process of baking this particular style of cake. What are the different kinds of bundt cakes out there?
  • Updating Cell Phone Applications: Where are our cell phone apps and how do we update them?
  • Playing Badminton: Introduce us to this game and how it is played.
  • Writing a Thank You Letter: The art of letter writing has been around for quiet some time. What should the modern day thank you letter look like? Explain.
  • Preparation for the Driver’s Test: What steps need to be taken to succeed on the your driver’s test?

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