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Latin For Primary Schools 

There is a big argument as to whether Latin should be taught in primary schools. There are teachers and parents on both sides of this argument who claim that it should be taught or should not be taught and if it is taught it should be taught later in life.

Those who are in favor of teaching Latin in primary schools claim that teaching Latin in primary schools opens up the ability to understand many languages. Latin is basis for most romance languages. This means that in spite of being a dead language the roots are still in many romance languages and can be useful in comprehension. It would constitute learning a second language which is good for students at a young age. This also opens them up to a series of other languages. Studies indicate that the younger you are when you learn a second language the easier it is. This is also beneficial because the child’s palette has not hardened and their pronunciation would be better internationally. Children with more than one language tend to be smarter and achieve better grades the older they are. The more they learn when they are younger the more academic minded they become as they are older. This is also good business practice as you get older. The ability to understand more languages is incredibly beneficial. Those who argue against it claim that because Latin is a dead language it is not useful to learn a language that will never be spoken. Many people do not feel that in primary schools a second language is not necessary. They feel that if they want to learn a second language they should take it upon themselves to learn in high school or college. The argument is that there are too many subjects in elementary school as is and there is already not enough time. This argument maintains that students should focus on learning to read and write and to do math long before they learn a second language. They need to learn the first language before they try and complete a second language. There is not enough funding for the arts and language is considered an art. This is why many schools end up dropping language courses including Latin.

Overall it can be argued both ways whether Latin should be taught in primary school. Until there is adequate funding for the arts it will remain one of the first things to go in terms of subjects in spite of its benefits.

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