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How To Choose A Good 8th Grade Expository Essay Topic On Democracy

“Democracy” is considered to be one of the best and most modified forms of government in recent times. Any student who is starting to study civics gets to know about the different forms of government prevalent with the quoted topic forming an important sub-theme. However, while guiding 8th grader students on how to write an essay on the democratic system, the following steps should be remembered:


  • To begin with the topic, one should emphasize the various characteristics of democracy, like its representativeness, fundamental rights and duties ensured, civic amenities, etc.
  • It is mandatory to rely on theories related to the topic to get a crystal clear knowledge. To begin with, one must study how Thomas Hobbes first explained it in his celebrated book “Leviathan” followed by John Locke’s explanation in his feted book “Two Treatises on Government.”
  • One must relate to the different historical occurrences that accelerated the process of democracy, like the French Revolution or Russian revolution or the World Wars.
  • American Civil War and the foundation of democracy by the hand of Abraham Lincoln is a must topic to cover. His success in abolishing slavery and his famous quotes are very important for every student to learn.
  • Egalitarianism in the modern era and its distinction with other forms of governance like dictatorship or presidential must be included in the essay.
  • The dissertation should include a few case studies related to infringement of democratic organization in various countries in order to know the topic better.
  • In order to get a full-proof knowledge about it, the different merits and demerits associated with this form of government must be covered in the paper, with specific examples, if possible.
  • The thesis should be drawn to a conclusion with criticizing it and elaborating on it, which should result in a good score for the student.


  • It is crucial to follow the instruction of a mentor and keep him/her updated about what you are writing.
  • Consulting books is a must. Ask your teacher the names of the books that can guide your writing.
  • There are a number of websites available where you can get inputs for the essay. You should relate them with what your teacher asks for and jot them down in your own language.

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