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Treaty Of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles helped end World War I. It brought an official end to the bloodshed and conflict that lasted for several years. Germany, along with allied powers that fought in the war, came together to reach an agreement. This helped create modifications that would be put in place with provisions to ensure certain actions were carried by countries outline in the treaty. Instead, Hitler rise of power prevented the treaty from being fully satisfied. It was said the treaty was created by the allies with little input from Germany.

The treaty basically outlined rules and regulations that stated other countries did not want to go to war or start another war. It included over 400 articles and had roughly 15 parts in length. Eventually the Germans signed it but they were not happy about it. They were responsible for taking lives of politicians they thought were behind the treaty’s development. For a while the treaty was not enforced after it was signed. Some countries were willing to make some changes to the provision such as the France. At one point it was thought progress would finally be made, but actions of another leader would soon change everything.

German had agreed briefly to pay reparations but this was canceled during the early 1930s. The depression was growing into serious problem and it was later learned German violated parts of the provision. During the mid-1930s Hitler would denounce the treaty. He overturned a number of provisions with respect to a few countries. To make changes along the frontier Hitler decided to attack Poland. The fact that Hitler was not pleased with the treaty makes many wonder if changes could have been made to avoid another war. This event would lead to the start of World War II.

The United States and Great Brittan wanted to avoid any conflict related to the Treaty of Versailles. After the cold war they along with other countries were able to revisit parts of the provision to rebuild or integrate them. Even though efforts were made to official end World War I, there was not treaty created to officially end World War II. Many historians and researchers find this aspect interesting since a number of fundamental issues kept several countries from determining a true ending. It seems as if the greed of one leader started another war that looks like it could have been prevented.

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