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Rational Readings On Environmental Concerns

There are many authors out there who have made an impact by drawing attention to serious issues the world is facing. Environmental concerns are one such issue that some authors have shed light upon. One such author is Al Gore, the leader of this revolution.

Al Gore Climate Change

Al Gore climate change has gained worldwide recognition over the past decades for his dedication to eliminating carbon footprints one concerned citizen at a time, while ensuring the unconcerned citizens are exposed to the facts which will warrant their conversion to concerned citizens. He began his pledge in the year 1976 when merely a freshman congressman. However, his speeches on the topic of climate change, toxic waste, and global warming dubbed him the nickname of “Atari Democrats”. Al Gore climate change takes the stance that “green” issues such as clean air, clean water, and global warming are imperative to victory for his respective Democratic party.

Al Gore climate change circles around the Climate Project. This project includes over 3,000 volunteers from across the globe, who were personally trained by Al Gore on the subject matter of climate change. As part of the Alliance for Climate Protection—another subsidiary of Al Gore climate change—the Climate Project seeks to educate the public—achieving 70,000 presentations thus far—on climate change while working at a grassroots level to instill change. v

Al Gore climate change gained increased popularity as the concepts circled around his documentary entitled, An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary, while allowed in schools and credited for its information, has been accused on containing nine errors by a British judge. Because of this accusation, “guidance notes” were to accompany all viewings in public school venues. Gore did not argue the accusation, as the ruling overall was in his favor and the fundamental thesis of his educational material was still relevant.

The non-profit, The Alliance for Climate Protection, offers supporting evidence in the urgency of creating and implementing comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis at the heart of Al Gore climate change. Evidence is inclusive of increasing carbon dioxide numbers in the atmosphere, a perpetual increase in temperatures, melting of glaciers, severe storms as well as increased drought. Along that juncture, in the year 2004, Al Gore co-launched the company Generation Investment Management prior to The Alliance for Climate Protection, and followed by We Campaign, and a venture capital firm for climate change solutions, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Live Earth presents benefit concerts, the organization of which Al Gore assisted.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished and such is the case with Al Gore climate change, as he has received criticisms encircling the accusation of taking profits from his work, having a conflict of interest based upon the advocating of taxpayer subsidies for the green-energy technologies of which he is a part, as an investor. The energy efficiency of his homes and modes of transportation have also come under criticism. v

Climate Crisis notes his encouragement in joining the effort to encouraging a stop to global warming, as well as considering our individual carbon footprint, protecting the forests, switching to renewable energy, ensuring that our investments are with companies who care about climate change, and lastly, taking the action necessary by encouraging city, county, and statewide legislation for innovative transportation as well as energy savings.

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