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Google Plus has recently included new brand profile features for businesses looking to utilize the network. The features Google Plus has to offer businesses make it easier to meet the needs of customers through a simple business-consumer relationship. While businesses have been able to use other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with customers in the same style and manner that friends interact with one another, Google Plus has paved the way for businesses to better interact in a manner more suited to business needs. One of the best manners in which Google Plus can be utilized for companies is by having individual employees create pages so that each member of the company can communicate throughout the work day. This can take place by sending stream updates to employees who are on a need-to-know basis or by finding other employees in the hangouts.

Google Plus allows businesses to challenge social network designs by meeting the demands of small and large businesses. Instead of everything your company posts being visible to friends unless you manually alter the privacy settings, Google Plus automatically alters the privacy settings so that only those people you select can view updates. Most of the time, business updates are meant for only a select few but not everyone who views your profile and as such, Google Plus allows businesses to create multiple circles for family, work colleagues, associates, and friends after which you can determine who is able to see each update.

Google Plus allows you to discuss articles which are of particular interest to your company, talk about information you know, upcoming events, share photos, or post videos. You can generate additional traffic to your company website or your company blog by posting links on your Google Plus account. Of all the many ways in which you can leverage Google Plus to help your business, the Google Hangouts section is one of the best.

When you are using your Google profile the first things you see are the posts, the about section, photos, videos, the buzz section, and +1s. If you see something on the internet now, you are able to link it to your Google Plus updates by selecting the +1 icon. Doing that does not load the article or photo directly into the stream but instead, records it to your profile. When your company uses the hangout feature in Google Plus, you are able to video chat free of charge with individuals or circles. For now the limit to the Hangouts area is ten people at once. This is useful for mini staff meetings, or when you need visual updates. Much faster than calling or walking down the hall, you can simply find someone in the Hangouts section and verify that they are working, that they are present, or that they are meeting with someone.

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