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Animal Skinning is Bad

Animal Skinning is the process of removing skin or fur from an animal’s body. The animal skin is used in making clothes, woolen products, shoes, hand bags, musical instruments and other accessories. Animals are reared in farms for fur extraction in many places across the world. Some of the methods used to skin the animals are cruel and hence skinning is opposed by animal welfare activities worldwide. Organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) oppose skinning and demand that animals should be treated in a fair manner. Animal fur farming, skinning and a discussion on why skinning is bad is presented in this paper.

Animal Fur Farming and Animal Skinning

The system of raising animals on a large scale in farms for fur is called “animal fur farming”. Animals thus grown in farms include dogs, cats, beavers, chinchillas, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, seals and bears. The vegetation and space in fur farming places is always not conducive for them to live.

There are many methods used to skin animals. The animals can be made to have a natural death without pain and then skinned. But in many places, their death is very painful. To cause a natural death for animals, they are trapped or hunted using methods like leg hold traps, drowning sets and Conibear traps.

Skinning should be done when the animal has died peacefully. But in some countries like China, animals are skinned alive. PETA has proved this fact using videos but the concerned authorities deny it. The animal farmers present an unacceptable and unkindly argument that skinning is easier when the animal body is farm and blood flows through the veins.

Why Animal Skinning is Bad?

Animals reared in fur farming are often in unhealthy living conditions. Lot of animals is packed tightly in small cages without even space to move and breathe freely. The slaughter and skinning methods are cruel. All these are done just to make fashionable fur clothing besides other fur products. Owing to PETA and other animal activities, the cruelties to which the animals are subjected to while skinning, have been brought to limelight. Many movie personalities and other people from public life and fashion designers have pledged not to wear or make fur products. Protestors worldwide are fighting and campaigning to stop the bad practices in fur farming and skinning. As more people join hand, surely the bad practices in animal skinning will come to an end.


The cruel methods of skinning and the agony of animals are made public by organizations like PETA. This helps in making people understand why skinning is bad and will lead them to stop use of fur products. Once there is a decline of fur products, naturally animal fur will be in less demand. Ultimately, the suffering of animals while skinning will come to an end.

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