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Top Ten Essay Topics About Physically Challenged People

The need for inclusion of physically challenged people in modern society has led to introduction of studies that help people understand the needs and limitations of these groups. Students pursuing these courses have a wide range of topics to write about. Here are examples of these topics:

  1. Disability acts: These topics help readers to understand the extent to which interests of the physically challenged are represented in law. A student can focus on a particular country as a case study or compare laws in different countries. You could focus on discussing particular acts such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. One can try to highlight their benefits and limitations.
  2. Education for handicapped: Students can choose to compare how education systems in different countries incorporate the interests of this group. More specifically, professionals recommend for equal opportunities in education. One can also seek to expose the limitations of education systems in light of the interests of the disabled. Writers can also discuss what the best option is for this special group- homeschooling or public schooling.
  3. Employment of physically challenged people: One question to ask is whether they are afforded equal employment opportunities or do they face discrimination. Thus an obvious topic would be "Discrimination against the physically challenged."
  4. Socialization of physically handicapped children: One area on which to focus the essay is discussing how children with these challenges can be encouraged to socialize with others. One can also discuss the challenges faced by these children while socializing with others - for instance "stigmatization of the physically challenged" could be a good essay title.
  5. Recreational sports for special groups: Modern day sports are more inclusive: sporting associations and companies not only call for their participation in sports, but also do they purchase the necessary equipment specialized for their needs when participating in sports. Special Olympics would also be a great topic for an essay.
  6. Different types of physical challenges: This title can help readers to understand the various categories of disability and the specific difficulties they face.
  7. Rehabilitation needs for special groups: One can explore the various physical challenges that need rehabilitation. You can also focus on a case study highlighting the difficulties in meeting the rehabilitation needs of related groups.
  8. History of special education: You could write on history for a specific country.
  9. Religious response to disabled
  10. Physical challenges theories: Many theories seek to understand the needs of the people in this group. The writer can expose a specific theory such as the "The medical model", "spectrum model" and "moral model" among others. One can also compare two or more theories.

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