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God’s Existence and the Explanation for People’s mistakes

The existence of God has been and still is a mystery to most people. To some people the existence of God means nothing while to others it is an issue of significant concern. Since the origin of the universe, human beings have attributed their existence to the existence of the supernatural being. Various religious scriptures and traditional myths and beliefs have some expression about the existence of God. God requires people to live in a particular way, but people usually make mistakes by not obeying the will of God. The existence of God is manifested in His doings and personal relationship with people.

Religious scripture in the Bible and Quran attributes the art of creation to deliberate designer who not only created the world, but continues to sustain it until now. The creation work of God is the reason many people have continued to believe in His existence. The same belief abounds in the traditional myths that have pointed the revered God in one way or another. Furthermore, various scientific theories such as the “Big Bang” have failed to explain comprehensively about the existence of the universe. Therefore, the existence of the universe, the water, human beings and all other complex life is an evidence of the existence of a Supreme Being or God.

The uniformity depicted in various aspects of lives such as the functions of the body cells, the DNA code, the functions of the human brains, etc. indicates the divine work of God. Those who believe in God call Him so that He can restore order in time of distress when their lives and other aspects of lives fail to operate normally. The confessions of the people who relate to God have evidence that when the call unto God he fulfills their requests. Therefore, the evidence about the existence of God is manifested in those who trust upon Him because he responds to their calls.

People are supposed to follow the command of God in everything they do. The will of God is revealed to man through religious scriptures, prophets, dream, etc. However, people fail to act in accordance to the will of God because of desires of human bodies that are always in conflict with the will of God. People always make mistakes when they fail to observe the will of God or seek the divine guidance of the Lord. In order to avoid making mistakes in lives people should seek the counsel and guidance of God in everything they undertake.

In conclusion, the existence of God is manifested through His might deeds such as the existence of the universe, the uniformity of body functions, etc. Those who believe in His power call Him and He answers their prayers. Human beings make mistake by failing to adhere to the will of God or seek His counsel and guidance in all their undertakings.

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