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10 Great Informative Essay Topic Examples For High School

The goal of informative essays is to share knowledge with the readers. Therefore, the topic you select must be interesting, should present something unknown or new and must be easier to be presented in two to three pages. This type of writing needs extensive research and the writer has to take the role of a lecturer or expert while presenting. But if you are confused on which topic to choose then you can take help from friends, online and others.

How to write an Informative essay

It is very simple to write and just have a beginning, middle and end. While the beginning presents the topic where you have to grab the attention of the reader, the middle will be the main part of the writing where you have to answer five W’s and one H.

The end is a summary of the work that should prompt the reader to learn more about the topic. Such writing can be used for many purposes such as to educate the readers, to analyze data and to explain the pros and cons of something.

What topics you should avoid?

You will often find that some topics are interesting but are not well-suited because they are too complex, too personal, same old topics or are dependent on faith-based texts. There are some of the best ways to find an interesting topic that can catch your audience’s interest.

These are online, magazines, print magazine’s website, visiting websites that cover controversial issues, asking teacher for ideas, looking for something unusual, etc. If you have come up with a topic then ask yourself few question such as is your topic interesting? Can your writing provide new information? Can you explain the topic in 2 to 3 pages? Can you support your topic with reliable evidence?

10 great topic examples

If you are trying hard to find a topic but failed to do so then here are 10 great topic examples that you can choose. These are some handpicked topics that help you in making the right choice:

  1. Loopholes and ambiguities in science
  2. Understanding the link between heart disease and cholesterol
  3. Hypnosis: A mind control technique
  4. Optical illusions and its scientific explanation
  5. Time travel: Is it possible?
  6. Egyptian Hieroglyphics and the history behind it
  7. E-commerce and the thing that you should know
  8. Ocean Biomes
  9. Black holes in space
  10. Space exploration: The pros and cons

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