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How to select researchable essay topics

When it comes to writing essays, most of us have starting trouble. And the beginning of the beginning, which is choosing a topic, is the hardest bit of essay writing for most people. Given an essay topic, it is easy to present points and put forth ideas. However, when asked to pick a topic on our own, many of us stumble. There are a few tricks and tips to overcome this obstacle.

Play to your strengths:

Make a list of the topics and subjects that interest you. This goes a long way in helping you to write a research essay, primarily because when you are interested in something, it automatically motivates you to perform better. Your interest propels you to give your best. If there is an issue you care about, or connect deeply with, the entire research process acquires a personal significance. This in turn helps you give your best.

Be specific:

Most topics are broad headlines, and house numerous, myriad sub-topics under their wings. That is where you must head to. Get to the heart of the matter. Pick a topic that is not too broad. That would result in an overload of information, and after a point, such extra information becomes a problem by itself. Instead, be more specific. Once you marrow down the subject, you can pick facts, records and statistics that are more relevant to the main theme. This results in the much necessary twin C’s – clarity and conciseness.

Less obscure, more relevant:

Always go for topics that are less obscure. Instead, choose a topic that is relevant to the present day world. The up side of this trick is that when you choose a popular topic, you will have a lot of information at your disposal. On the contrary, when you choose an obscure issue, there would be too little written about the subject. This will prevent you from putting your point across in an effective manner.

The five W’s:

Answer the five W’s related to essay choice, before you conclude whether the subject chosen is apt and concrete –

  • Why have you opted for that particular subject?
  • Who is this information useful to?
  • What are the key issues, questions and subtopics under the subject?
  • Where is the subject significant – at the local, national, or global level?
  • When was this topic relevant – in the past, the present, or the future?

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