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20 Good Descriptive Essay Questions In Health Sciences

Okay, so you have been tasked with writing a descriptive essay in health sciences. These kinds of essays are the bread and butter of your academic career, and if you aren’t already intimately acquainted with them then I can guarantee that it is only a matter of time before you are. The burning question is not so much how to write an essay, but how to find the best essay questions. Thankfully, I am already one step ahead of you and have come up a list of 20 to help you get started.

  1. The benefits of homebirths as opposed to hospital births for healthy, expectant mothers.
  2. Are the benefits of breastfeeding over-rated?
  3. Explore the benefits of midwife led care over consultant led care.
  4. Ambulance safety: explore the dangers for both drivers and passengers and look at ways of reducing the risks.
  5. Do a case study on the ambulance drivers of the First World War and compare and contrast them to the service today.
  6. Palliative care: is it ethical to ask all patients over the age of 75 whether they are terminally ill or not to sign a do not resuscitate order? Explore the advantages and disadvantages to doing this.
  7. Dignity in dying: There are anomalies in the kind of palliative care that you can expect to receive depending upon where you live. What can be done to make the levels of care universal? Would a universal charter be useful?
  8. A lot has been written about the implications of euthanasia on patients, but what about the implications for doctors and medical practitioners?
  9. Compare the careers and benefits of becoming a G.P as opposed to a dentist.
  10. What is it about dentists that make patients so anxious? What can be done to overcome this?
  11. Oral cancer; prevention and cures.
  12. Social workers come under a lot of pressure when they make bad choices. Explore the benefits of a career in Social work.
  13. Should social workers who wrongfully remove children from their parents face prosecution? What about social workers who fail to pick up on signs of abuse and leave the children in harmful situations? Should they be charged with neglect or even manslaughter?
  14. What more can be done to prevent teenage suicides?
  15. Do Western governments take mental health issues seriously enough?
  16. Chiropody and the elderly. Should this be offered as a free service to everyone over the age of 80?
  17. Dementia in the elderly. At what point should authorities step in?
  18. Building relationships within the local community: many healthcare practioners are seen as being out of touch with ordinary people. What more can be done to bridge this gap?
  19. Should family doctors open their surgeries/offices 7 days per week 365 days of the year?
  20. Healthcare for all: Explore the history of the NHS. Should immigrants be automatically granted unlimited access to it?

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