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Remember These Tips: College Essay Topics To Avoid

If you are writing college essays you should make it a point to find great topics.

Finding Topics

If you are struggling to find a topic to write about take a minute and look over the options below. See if anything stands out:

  • Religion
  • Sex offenders
  • Smoking bans
  • Terrorism
  • Wage gap

Avoid writing about anything that would be offensive to the class or is irrelevant to your course. Once you have found some topics that interest you it is time to start the research. But where should you begin? Well, it starts in the library. This is truly a treasure trove for research papers. Every source in your school or public library has been thoroughly vetted. That means you won’t find topics in there published by someone far from reputable or published with incorrect data. The internet seems like a vast resource as well, but when conducting a research paper the pressure is placed on you to vet any source you find online, whereas the library has completed this burden for you.

But before you actually head to the library to begin your research it is important to be prepared. So start by gathering the things you will need, including extra paper, highlights in a multitude of colors, and note cards. Having index cards is ideal because you can write a single piece of data or statistic on it and then organize the physical cards until you have the perfect outline.

Make sure you visit the library (or libraries) that you will use for your research before it actually comes time to research. Visit them for a short afternoon and familiarize yourself with the physical layout. Knowing which sections are where and where you can find different authors will help save you precious minutes when you go to actually research. Familiarize yourself with the catalogue system or reference system used by the libraries so that you will know precisely where you find a book or journal article. Make sure you ask the librarian if you are having any difficulty. Almost all libraries today have a nice web system which you can use to search for reference material online. If you ask a librarian to show you how their particular database works you can bring that knowledge with you each time you visit again. You can also use it to search for reputable information or sources from home or any other computer. This knowledge will help you go a long way when it comes time to write your papers.

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