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23 Formal Exploratory Essay Topics You Can Investigate

Most essays require one to convince the reader or to defend the stated facts with efficacious evidence and examples. Nonetheless, exploratory essays focus on exploring a given topic through research and the writer looks at it from distinct points of view. As the writer, you present your best ideas and evidence from both sides and the reader makes up the decision. A good topic should have the following features:

It should have at least two sides

The topic should not be a concrete fact that leaves no room for the reader’s views. However, it should have at least double sides that provide room for arguments. For example, let the readers ask themselves, “Is it true?”

Should be an interesting topic

Many people prefer arguing about something that is more involving than something which engages only a few. The most common topics include politics, medicine and technology among others. Let your topic be brief and precise.

It should be an issue that is not agreed on

This is very straightforward. An efficacious exploratory essay topic should be something that should raise multiple questions which should be answered by the readers.

It should be something to research

To write an effective exploratory essay, one of the most crucial requisite is research. Exploring the topic about allows you to find appropriate evidence about your ideas. Do not choose a topic that limits research. The following are the best exploratory essay topics.

  1. What does race really refer to?
  2. Should people conduct DNA test to identify their racial background?
  3. Class ranking can negatively affect students
  4. Friends can be more significant than our families
  5. Women are meliorate care-givers than men
  6. All schools should be electronic
  7. Do recycling of waste materials bring any difference?
  8. Policy changes can affect emission of greenhouse gases
  9. Teachers are insignificant to schools
  10. Two parties living together prior to marriage can make a marriage to last longer
  11. Love is not the key quality to consider when selecting a marriage partner.
  12. Men contend more than women
  13. Should gastric bypass be employed as an elementary treatment for Type 2 diabetes?
  14. Does technological advancement pause danger or it provides solutions to our health?
  15. Parental divorce negatively affect children
  16. What is the key cause of family divorce?
  17. What are the ethical circumstances in sperm production?
  18. Computers are better teachers than humans.
  19. Teachers will lose their jobs due to advanced technology
  20. EBooks are better comprehended than manual textbooks.
  21. What predisposes one to digital dating?
  22. Which online dating site is the best?
  23. The government should proscribe personal laboratories for genetic engineering.

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