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A list of 40 winning topics for an argument essay

Argumentative papers are much the same as any other persuasive or research based paper in that they serve to argue a particular point or view in hopes of convincing the audience of it being the best side or view. If you are looking for forty argumentative topics then look no further. Note that in all of these there are masny arguments that can be made. You can argue the pros and/or cons. You can argue whether something is beneficial or harmful. You can argue whether something is ethical or not or whether it should be legal or not. Pick a side in an argument related to the topic and write about it:

  1. Write a paper about the technological advantages the Nazis had during WWII
  2. Discuss whether the top leadership or bottom soldiers should be tried and convicted after mass atrocities
  3. What makes effective leaders?
  4. What makes good parents?
  5. Write about whether IBM should be criminalized for their role in helping the Nazis track down Jews
  6. Discuss abortion
  7. Discuss the role of apologizing in alleviating conflict
  8. Talk about climate change
  9. Talk about physician assisted suicide
  10. Should fat parents who cannot effectively chase after/protect their children physically have their children taken away by CPS
  11. Is foster care effective?
  12. Write about the orphan train
  13. Our welfare system
  14. Our healthcare system
  15. Effective punishments for criminals
  16. Analyze The drug courts
  17. Punishments for white collar crimes
  18. Victimless crimes
  19. Discuss Bullying
  20. Argue the pros or cons to Gay marriage
  21. Gay couples adopting
  22. Birth control
  23. Religion in government
  24. Discuss Voting
  25. Analyze whether we need the Electoral College anymore
  26. Write about Airport security in America
  27. Do video games induce violence?
  28. Is marijuana bad in the long term?
  29. Should the legal drinking age be increased?
  30. Should the legal driving age be increased?
  31. Is health insurance too high
  32. Is the medical system ruined by medical malpractice?
  33. Are legal costs too high?
  34. Write a paper on Immigration
  35. Are lobbyists good or bad?
  36. Should abstinence only education be banned?
  37. Should students be allowed to see different drugs in health class so that they know what to look for and avoid in the future?
  38. The war on terror
  39. Should active duty military serving overseas be allowed to drink
  40. Green house emissions

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