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Senseless Human Sacrifice

Through out history human sacrifice has been practiced for many reasons but these senseless acts when mostly preformed because of a civilization’s belief in the repercussions or enlightenment that it would bring to them.  Although most sacrifices were done for religious reasons, there are also other reasons that people sacrificed people.

One form of sacrifice that was practiced in the pharaoh civilization was that when the pharaohs were buried, they were buried with their servants as well and these servants were still alive before they were buried.  The belief was that they would serve the pharaoh in the afterlife.  They sometimes drugged the servants before they put them in the tomb with the pharaoh.  This made them more willing to be buried alive with their ruler.

Did you know that Fiji used to have no widows?  It’s true but that is because they were strangled as soon as their husbands died.  This was done because they believed that a husband and wife should be buried together.  And what is worst about this practice is that the woman’s brother was the one that had to do it.  He had to honor this task to please the families.

Honor is a crazy thing to mess with in different countries, for example in Japan men would cut themselves to restore their honor.  In a ritual known as Seppuku, men who has dishonored themselves were bathed, dressed in a white robe, given a last meal, and after we was done eating, a knife or small sword was placed on the plate.  The warrior would read a death poem and then he would open his robe and stab himself.  Then a kaishakunin or his second in command would perform a kaishaku, where he would slit his throat.

As crazy as those seem, it does actually still happen in our world today.  In 2003, a couple from India kidnapped a six-year-old boy and sacrificed him because they wanted to have a baby boy of their own.  And to top it off they already had a daughter.  Recently in 2011, a farmer wanting a better harvest sacrificed a seven-year-old girl and offered her liver as an offering.  This is all because of a mythology that believed if they offer a child under twelve then their crops will flourish after the sacrifice.  Someone’s beliefs can be a strong driving force for a ritual like this and it is down right murder but in their eyes they are not doing anything wrong.  

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