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How Neil Armstrong Displays Courage

Travelling into outer space, with NASA sending missions to different planets, and their moons, has lost its fascination in today’s world. One particular reason for this is the frequency with which astronauts today are being sent to outer space. However, almost half a century back, this was the talk of the town. In 1969, the first time when a man walked on the moon, he became a hero; a figure of strength and courage for many others.

Neil Armstrong was a man of courage, for many reasons. Foremost, he took the Apollo 11 mission, even after he had escaped death very closely in 1966, while he was the commander of the Gemini 8. Gemini 8 was a disastrous mission where space shuttle spun out of control, after being docked. Armstrong’s leadership, and quick thinking managed to save lives, as he made his decision to ignore the given instructions. Moreover, during the Apollo 11 mission, he managed to land the craft safely, even though it was headed towards an unstable landing. Armstrong disengaged the autopilot, and with only a few second worth of fuel left, landed the spacecraft safely.

Before becoming an astronaut, Armstrong was a naval pilot. During the Korean War, his fighter plane got hit, but he managed to think straight, navigate his way back save his own life at the age of 21. Later in his career, he showed courage by participating in many risky operations, including the test run of X-15. He flew the plane a total of seven times, even though he crossed the altitude limit, however, he was able to safely land the plane, without any damage.

His courage is also highlighted by the fact that only four days after the X-15 incident, Armstrong got stuck in yet another eventful flight. While testing whether a base could be used for emergency landings, Armstrong attempted to land a second time, where the plane wheels got stuck in the mud. Instead of panicking, Armstrong found this sticky situation amusing. A few weeks later, Armstrong again managed to get in a fix with a plane, where he flew from one base to another, with no connection to the control tower.

Neil Armstrong, even after traumatic and life threatening experiences, never let these experiences scare him away from his true calling. He showed true courage, where he was not afraid to die, but rather made the excellent decision when faced by such circumstances. He was truly a courageous man, and a hero.

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