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How to improve paper writing skills by using essay samples available online

Be careful when using online essay samples!

Ready essays can be found available for free or after a small payment on a lot of websites. For some they may seem an ideal way out, when you need to write a complicated essay in a short period of time. A whole paper already written for you can be a great source of ideas or you may even think about taking it and using as your own paper. But be very careful when planning this. Even if the website demands a small membership payment, you can only imagine, how many people more people in your country and beyond can also have access to it. More than that, there is a very high possibility that you professor uses online plagiarism checking services, which compare your paper to already poste online and informs if there are any matches. Even if a part of your essay is found online let alone the whole work, you will have a serious talk with the professor.

How to take something useful from an online essay and not to get trouble?

Despite all the problems that may find you if you copy the essay directly, there are still a lot of useful things to take from them.

  1. Interesting ideas. If you have run out of things to write about, read a couple online samples. They will give you some fresh ideas you can re-word and use in your paper.
  2. Unusual vocabulary. Reading online samples around your topic will help you to enrich your vocabulary and learn some interesting word combinations you may use later.
  3. Learning at others’ mistakes. Looking at the papers that may have been written by the students as well will help you to see something you don’t like about their writing and avoid making the same mistakes in yours.

How to find more information on my topic?

Some websites may just have one or two essays on your topic, especially if it is quite specific. If the website you are on has run out of the papers for you, try to widen your search, look not only for essays that exactly match your topic, but also those close to it. Look even at the titles, which seem to be connected very distantly. It will help you to gather more information and maybe even take a new, surprisingly unusual approach to your topic.

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