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Choosing Literature Essay Topics About Lord Of The Flies: 15 Prompts

After reading the Lord of the Flies, there are hundreds of topics you could write about. It is important that you choose one that you seem most interested in. One suggestion that would help before you even read the book is to take notes about things that interest you or strike you as interesting as you are reading. This is a good habit to get into when you know you are going to have to write any type of essays on a work of literature. As you are reading, certain things will strike you as important and it will mean something to you. These are the things that you should take notes on and discuss with others at a later time. If you like a character, for instance, take notes on reasons why you like the character by using specific examples in the novel. This will help later on. Here are some topics that may be interesting about the Lord of the Flies and they may be something you want to write your essay on:

  1. Ralph and Simon seem to be good characters but in different ways. Compare the two characters.
  2. Why should Piggy be the leader of the crew?
  3. Does the dead parachutist symbolize anything in the story?
  4. What power does the conch shell have over the kids in the story?
  5. Does the pig’s head on a stick symbolize anything important in the novel?
  6. How did Jack take advantage of the boy’s fears to become the leader of them all?
  7. What was the importance of the boys separating into the older boys and the younger littluns?
  8. Why is the novel considered to be allegorical?
  9. Which character do you like the most and why?
  10. What is the most important symbol in the novel and why?
  11. Give some examples of irony in the novel and why were they important.
  12. How is trust and loyalty represented in the novel?
  13. How is evil portrayed in the novel?
  14. In what ways did the experiences on the island change Ralph?
  15. How was Jack affected when he put camouflage paint on his face?

For some more information on the novel and how to expand on the topics of this novel, try out this resource. It has a lot of interesting information on the novel that will help you.

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