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By reading through post, the five questions are clearly written down one after the other making the post consistent. At the end, a clear and precise root cause is well stated. For instance, in the first part the reason why resident in Willow brook live in unacceptable condition is clearly defined. The issue of inadequate funding is well described in a precise manner. The second question explains why there were no enough funds in Willow brook. For example, the issue of continuous reduction of funds injected into the Department of Mental Hygiene is described in detail. This leads us to the next part examining why the impact of the cut funds was not realized. This brings out clearly the issue of ignorance from various officials despite the orders from top management and government officials. The fourth part of the post brings out a close picture of the root cause of the problem. It clearly explains the issue of ‘out mind out sight’ as it referred to the mental retarded individuals in the society. The last question clearly brings out the root cause of unacceptable condition in Willow brook. It is clear that society continuously took their children into this centre. This led to congestion and poor living standards. Making it worse, they did not even make visits. Based on the above discussion, the post is complete. The reason behind this is the fact that it addresses all the parts of the assignment. Additionally, it addresses these by offering required information in a comprehensive manner. The next issue is the post clearly adheres to the APA format. There is proper citation and references. The next strength of this post is that it has clearly communicated different issues supporting them using detailed analysis.

Despite a clear presentation in the post, few weaknesses exist. First of all, the use of inadequate funds as in finding out the root cause is vague reason. The reason behind this is the fact that inadequate funds are a general reason. Additionally, reading through the post, there are some grammatical errors and wordiness.

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