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10 researchable topics for argument essays

Argument essays have always been my favorite. They are one platform to voice your opinion and shape the argument according to your own thinking. If you were passionate about writing and ethics, you would certainly enjoy writing an argument essay for your college or high school.

What exactly is an argument essay?

An argument essay is a an essay which requires you to collect legitimate information on the topic, investigate it for its history and global stance and then generate a logical and rational argument which states your opinions and intakes on certain matters.

How to write an argumentative paper?

An augmentative essay is just like any other essay in its form and structure. A generic pattern and format needs to be followed. However, unlike ordinary creative writing papers, an argumentative paper demands much more seriousness and research. Such a paper has greater chances of being judged due to biases or ethical/religious of political inclinations of the reader. Because every argument has, two sides and you have to support one side while negating the other one.

Follow a standard pattern. Always give a historical background if your topic involves past and the future. Use a very formal and mild language while stating opinions or biases. You do not want to offend the reader. Conduct a thorough research on your topic to find out what the world thinks of it. Once you have brainstormed enough you should formulate a thesis statement for your topic. This statement should be very concise and well structured because your entire argument will be a reflection of it. Always cite references if you are quoting someone or something. Avoid citing interviews, movies, and newspapers. Go for scholarly articles from renowned journals or published books.

10 sample essay topics:

  1. Why is technology both a blessing and a curse?
  2. Can you always trust your parent’s judgment on personal matters?
  3. Is college education enough to shape our futures and help us land a good job?
  4. Why is it difficult people to stay calm in a political discussion?
  5. How can we teach our children to become ethical and well-behaved citizens when we ourselves break the laws every day?
  6. Why is the world generally against female drivers?
  7. Should MNC’s offer special incentives for working mothers?
  8. Do you think the current hiring practices around the world are fair and ethical?
  9. Are social networking websites a good platform to find friends and potential life partners?
  10. Are animal rights over-rated?

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