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Unusual Problem And Solution Essay Topics

College students are expected to write solutions for problems that are posed by the college or the institution for evaluating their ability to understand and analyse different topics and propose meaningful and relevant solutions to the problems which are sometimes intentionally unique and unusual. It is an attempt by the college or university to test your skills by providing you with unusual problems and assess how you relate to the problem and structure your solutions for the problem through your approach and analytical skills. Your solution is the manuscript based on which you will be judged for your unusual ideas or concepts that relate to the problems and your ability to successfully provide unusual/usual answers which are fitting to the problem.

It tests your efficiency to assess your ability to provide answers for some unusual problems and how you try to handle such problems with your wit/advanced problem solving skills. A unique problem needs to be balanced by a fitting solution to the problem. If the problem is posed in a funny tone, then the solution to the problem too has to be on a lighter mode. How you plan and execute the formulation of the solution to the problem will reveal your skills to take any task/ assignment head on and reflect your ability to handle unexpected topics, by reflecting your thoughts and problem solving skills to provide a persuasive and appropriate solution to unprepared/ unknown topics/ problems, which demands you to be spontaneous and reflect the issue with forethought and in an innovative manner.

These problems test your ability to be prepared for surprisingly unique topics that are unexpected and yet formulated to know how you manage to handle the topics with precision without getting apprehensive about it. By using diligence and proper understanding/ analysis any problem or issue can be solved and problem can be sorted out by finding a most appropriate solution to the problem. These problems are designed to test your calibre to be confronted with unique situations and reflect your innate ability to exhibit your skills in a limited time frame through entertaining and informative facts appropriately to the problems.

Some examples of such unusual problem and solutions are listed below which test your ability to reflect your solution to these problems, in a lighter vein without getting screwed up by the sudden and unexpected task of answering the topic least expected by you for the essay. It requires you to do some quick thinking and rely on your instincts to find and prepare a suitable solution to the problem. You don’t have to be a genius to face such topics but rather need to be sportive in taking up such challenges and working it up to your benefit to leave a lasting impression on the reader for considering you as a potential contender for taking up such unique and unusual assignments. Listed below are some of the unusual and fun problems seeking answers which are found to be nowhere, but in your creative thought process.

  1. How to be funny in front of an audience 
  2. Why we don't win the lottery.  
  3. If I was my boss, then..
  4. Funny holidays in other countries. . 
  5. Office work rules upside down.
  6. Top 5 biggest lies ever told by women
  7. Excuses for every occasion.
  8. Lawyers and the truth. 
  9. How to effectively deny reality? 

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