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Jurassic Park

The movie, Jurassic Park was one of Steven Spielberg’s masterpieces during the nineties. The special effects used had never been seen in other movies before this one. Those watching the movie were astounded at how real the dinosaurs looked, but what was more fascinating was the science behind the theory that dinosaurs could really be brought back to life. There are lots of nail-biting scenes in the movie as well as some educational points that teach us about dinosaurs—what their characteristics were while still alive.

Fantasy science

Michael Crichton was the writer of the Jurassic Park novel series. His first of the series was then adapted into Spielberg’s movie Jurassic Park and much of the story’s fantasy science was related in the movie. The story concludes that dinosaurs can be brought back to life by genetic processes involving reptile DNA and genetic material from the blood sucked by mosquitoes preserved in tree gum. The process is more complicated than that, and the movie doesn’t go into that much detail—suffice to say that to the average science lover the theory was plausible enough to entertain.

Thrilling action

The second half of the movie shows that dinosaurs were never meant to be kept in cages. It isn’t long before dangerous carnivores escape their confinements and wreak havoc on the park. The visitors run and hide for their lives and in the end, it is their knowledge of science that helps them figure out how to outsmart the dinosaurs and finally escape.

Mildly educational

Although Jurassic Park is a typical Steven Spielberg action/sci-fi thriller, there are some scientific nuggets to be gained from the movie. Some of these bits of information are assumptions, but they remain the best guesses of palaeontologists who study dinosaur remains. Examples include:

  • The communication between herds of Velociraptors
  • The eating habits of herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs
  • The size of certain dinosaurs
  • The eyesight of a Tyrannosaurus
  • DNA similarities between reptiles and dinosaurs
  • Hunting methods of carnivorous dinosaurs

The movie really paved the way for computer generated graphics, but Michael Crichton’s story is what made the movie so spectacular. Science-loving boys and men from around the world marvelled at the fantasy of bringing dinosaurs back to life. Add to that the magnificence of seeing dinosaurs and even being chased by them, and you have a sci-fi thriller that was bound to be a hit with millions.

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