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How to find easy argumentative essay topics for college students

If you are in need of an easy argumentative essay topic as a college student consider the list of examples below:

  • How should ethical dilemmas be handled in the office
  • Alternative energy is a waste of tax dollars
  • Our educational system is failing students
  • There are times when committing a crime is acceptable
  • Adults who let their children become obese should be charged with child abuse
  • The Electoral College should be removed

How to write your argumentative paper

Many universities will assign you with extended writing tasks. These most often come in the form of a research paper. These papers often require you as the student to identify an area of research that is related to your course and then focus that broader topic based on background reading. This allows you to identify a research question and find appropriate primary and secondary sources that provide an answer to that research question. Your final goal is to present this argument in a creative and clear way using proper citations.

That is writing a research paper… in theory. So how does it all work and which pieces should you include? Read the tips below:

Tip: Teach yourself

From the very beginning of the research paper process it is important for you to remember that this paper is in part a chance for you to teach yourself. Once you finish your academic career you will be exposed to a world full of complexities. And what better way to understand it than to use the skills you acquired through writing your research papers.

The process of drafting a research paper forces you to ask deep questions. It forces you to find sources that answer your questions. It forces you present the answers to others. It forces you to defend those answers against opposition. These are all skills that are going to be applied well in any profession.

Standards and formats

When you are writing a research paper it is important that you observe the paper format that you are assigned. You must adhere to their standards of writing and specific rules. If you are struggling with how to format your paper exactly you can ask your teacher for a guide on the proper citation or look over samples from previous years. There are also manuals published for every major format online.

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