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Captivating Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Grade

A persuasive essay is also referred to as an argument essay. You must use reason and logic to convince the reader that one idea is more legitimate than another. You must attempt to persuade the reader of your essay to adopt your point of view. For 6th graders, the persuasive essay topics should be captivating yet not too heavy in the details.

Examples of persuasive essay topics for 6th graders that will captivate their readers:

  1. All students should take P.E. every school day (based on news reports that obesity rates have risen to staggering levels)
  2. Schools shouldn’t determine what students can or can’t eat at school (based on some schools banning soda machines from their schools)
  3. Students should not be allowed to use cell phones in class
  4. Your favorite food should be included on the school’s cafeteria menu
  5. Should your hometown be chosen for the next World’s Fair?
  6. People worry for no good reason about 6th grade students playing too many video games

There are quite a few topics that a student in 6th grade could get passionate about and have fairly strong opinions about, especially when the topic affects them directly. For example, if their parents have been complaining they spend too much time playing video games they may have already thought of all the reasons to convince their parents why they aren’t spending too much time playing.

The persuasive essay is an excellent way to help students this age learn the skills for writing these kinds of essays, something they will see many more times later in their academic careers. Building the foundations now to be a good writer later is essential.

Good essay topics could also be based on current local or global news with issues these children are interested in. Some children are still focused on what is going on in their home or community at that age while others have widened their interest to the global scene already and are concerned about children in African villages having safe drinking water.

Some issues being studied in Social Studies class could be used to base a persuasive essay on. There may be a particularly interesting local issue taking place right in their own community that has the community divided with opinions. For example, how the mayor spends local funds or a current controversial news item of some kind.

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