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A Great Selection Of Description Essay Topics

Description essays are fairly easy to write once you have your topic chosen. You need to merely describe and talk about the important points of the topic. When you don’t have a topic chosen yet, it’s difficult to get started on anything. A description essay differs from any other writing because it’s essentially just providing information about something. You don’t have to persuade or prove a point with this kind of project.

Focus on providing a clear image of your topic to the reader. The point of a description paper is that you describe something realistically. Use the topic ideas below to find something you want to write about.

Topics for descriptions essays

  • First day of school
  • Worst day of your life
  • The best camping spot
  • Your ideal home
  • A festival from another country or culture
  • The scariest place on earth
  • A character from a book or movie
  • Your favorite season and weather
  • The best place you like to do homework
  • How you choose a career or college program
  • Experience of eating your favorite food
  • Myths about really big snakes
  • How losing weight affects your lifestyle
  • The thrill of climbing a mountain
  • Sleeping deeply and peacefully
  • How you can keep warm in freezing winters
  • Buying clothes online
  • Paying back student loans or other debt
  • What grass feels like on bare feet
  • Painting a masterpiece
  • Smell of the rain
  • Your most important person
  • The ideal wedding for your big day
  • The earliest memory from your childhood
  • Something cool about the history of your hometown
  • The old swing in the tree of your backyard

How to write a description essay with a great topic

Once you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to get to the writing part. You can spend a lot of time on the topic picking but it’s not good to use too much time. The actual writing is still the most important part. If you’re not a good writer, don’t worry—here are some tips for what makes a good description for this project.

Make sure you are adding specific details. Ideally, you’d choose something you already know a lot about. Do you notice things that others don’t? when describing a memory, explain as many smells, sounds, and senses as possible to bring the reader into your past with you. Expressing emotions through writing can be hard. The best way to tell if you’ve achieved your goal is to have a friend read it and get his opinion.

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