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How to write properly: creating a works cited page for an essay

Creating a works cited page for an essay is based on the type of format you must adhere to. Each paper you write in an academic setting will require a different format. This is also contingent upon the field in which your course is based. For example: if you are taking a single social science course and the rest of your workload falls within the confines of the English and Literature department then chances are you will have to use APA format for the social science essays and MLA for the rest. The most popular essay formats include:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago

Each format is often reserved for a particular field. The works cited page is the final piece of your essay. It is the piece that comes at the very end and includes a list of the sources you used. For MLA format the final page is titled “Works Cited” and should list--in alphabetical order--the references you used. You can refer to the guidelines for the format style in order to figure out how to properly format each source according to its type and the number of authors.

Internet sources for example will require a different format than a printed government report or a book that you checked out from your local or school library. If you are unsure of how to format your particular source you can refer to the online style guides for your format.

It can be incredibly difficult to choose an academic paper topic which is why there is a short list compiled below with some suggestions:

  • You can write about whether abstinence programs are effective or not
  • You can argue whether advertisements should be banned in the interest of morality or healthy
  • You can analyze whether there are any solutions to the wars taking place in a specific country
  • You can write about who should be held responsible for airplane accidents using the different ways in which military leaders are held responsible for mishaps. You can also include whether the families of victims should receive compensation and if they do who should it come from and how should the dollar amount be decided
  • You can argue whether or not the state legal drinking age should be reduced to 18 and why or why not

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